Why it is called Good Friday?

Why it is called Good Friday? Eastern Sunday?

Why do we call it Good Friday? Good Friday is the holy day for the Christians. They commemorate this day in Christ’s sacrificial death. It is a very special day for Christians due to their prophet’s sacrifice which he has given for his people. He offered his body on the cross for the sake of humanity. He saved his people by sacrificing as a living victim. By doing this he pleased his God for becoming the instrument of compensation for sins of all human beings.

Why it is called Good Friday?

It is called Holly Friday, Great Friday, Eater Friday, Long Friday and Black Friday. It is called Good Friday on the basis of the religious custom. It becomes a Good day for all human because they become sacred due to the sacrifice of their prophet. It was the day when Jesus had been crucified. Before Sunday of the Easter, this Friday is observed. People usually pray and fast on this Friday.

Do you know about Paschal Triduum?

It is three days series that is known as Tridium, Easter Triduum, and PaSchal Triduum. Three days are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the Sunday of the Easter. This term comes from the Latin language and the meaning of it is three days. It starts with the Monday and finishes in the Friday evening. People visit the church and pray to the lord. The Great vigil of Easter is the peak of this Triduum. Christians do fasting in the whole Lent that is the period of forty days. It is the time which is celebrated in the memory of the sacrifice of Christ. It reminds the death and faith of the prophet on the cross. Good Friday is not a festival for the Christians because they feel sad for their prophet. They do fasting and prayers that day.

Paschal Triduum

How to spend time on Good Friday?

An official holiday is announced in the several countries. It recalls the day of sadness for them. As per the custom of their religion, they are not permitted to go to work. They act as they are at a funeral. They do not wear new dresses and do not decorate their houses. They wear mourning dresses and stop eating in terms of fasting. It makes their day sad and sorrowful. They confess before Lord to promote their piety. They determine to leave sin and follow the rules of their prophet.

What is expected on Good Friday?

Today, there are many ways to celebrate the days. People gather at a place to recall the sacrifice of their prophet. It makes them sad and cries all the time. With great devotion, they decorate their home with the pictures of Jesus Christ on the wall. They confess in front of his picture and ask forgiveness to their Lord. These things are very important as per the tradition of the Christianity. For the Christian community, it is the death day and the doom day for all. They have the determination to stick with truth and right. It is their wish to stay with their prophet.

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