When Good is Friday

When Good is Friday and how is it celebrated?

Good Friday is a holy day in which Christians observe the commemoration of Jesus Christ crucifixion. It is a day of penance, fasting, and sorrow. In different areas of the world, Good Friday is also known as Black Friday, Holy Friday or Sorrowful Friday. Every year the date for Good Friday alters with the Lunar calendar. Christians all around the world celebrate this day with certain traditions, and customs and every corner of the world celebrate it differently. When is Good Friday and how is it celebrated will be the discussion point of this article. It is celebrated all over the world in a different way. However, some rituals are common in every Christian community about the Good Friday.

When Good is Friday

Fasting on Good Friday

Some countries observe this day by fasting, and some called it the Fasting day too. The individuals usually spend this as a fasting day. They do so because they think that Christ spends almost 40 days without eating anything before starting his teachings. However, there are certain rules for fasting as a person is only encourage to skip his meal if he is healthy and above 18 years old of age until the age of 60. Another rule is the person should minimise the amount of food which he intakes normally in a day. During fasting, there are some foods that a person can use like soft drinks, candy, and smoking.

Forgive others and asking for Forgiveness from others

In Good Friday, the people after offering their prayers, their attention is more on forgiveness. They forgive other people and also seek forgiveness from them. They also ask forgiveness and mercy from God.

When Good is Friday

Sorrow and Happiness both on good Friday

When is Good Friday is also considered as the day of both joy and sadness? The individuals are usually sad over their sin and happy for the love of God by giving his son for sin emancipation.

Desist from meat

Meat is considered as a flesh of mammals, and it is said to avoid eating meat on Good Friday. It should be avoided in any food like soups, gravies, etc. On the other hand, the freshwater species of amphibians, fish, shellfish, and reptiles are allowed to eat on Good Friday. Furthermore, the products like gelatin and margarine are allowed to eat, but they must not have meat taste. It is considered as an obligatory practice of Good Friday in the United States of America.

when is Good Friday?

It is observed that every religion in the world has some holy day which practised every year and that holy day has a cavernous history behind that. Good Friday is usually practised two days before the Easter. Christian community practised this day, and they celebrate the Jesus crucifixion and death. The accurate day for Good Friday changes almost every year, but mostly it practised in March or April. In 2017, Good Friday will celebrate on 14th April. The whole Christian community celebrates this day all over the world with great worship and humility.


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