What is Good Friday?

What is Good Friday? and How to Spend It?

What is Good Friday? It is not a festival. It is a religious day of Christian that is related to sorrow and grief. The whole Christianity feels grief for their prophet who has given his life for humanity on the cross. It comes before Easter Sunday. On this day, Jesus Christ has sacrificed his life before Lord for the sake of his people. He promoted piety and humanity by sacrificing on the cross. It is a spiritual event that has religious worth for them. They pray in the church. It is the day that is called a dark day for all humanity. For Christians, it tells about the value of Christ sacrifice that he gave for the betterment of his followers. He gave life on the Cross.

What is Good Friday?

How to spend Good Friday? Overview!

It is the day when Christ was crucified. It is known as the day of death, doom day or the darkness. It feels to be anything but good. The hanging of the prophet is very painful and excruciating. It is obviously horrifying. Reading different bible accounts on this day is the best way to spend the day. It is a day to promote piety. It is called Good Friday because the sacrifice was given for the Good. No one left good but it was done for the Goodness of the human.

What is fasting meaning for the Christians?

Eating a meal without any meat is called fasting in the Christians. They have to bear hunger for the whole day and no snacks are allowed. They cannot take juices, tea, coffee and other beverages. Fasting is allowed from the ages of eighteen years to 59 years. Parents should teach their children about fasting. It is for the sake of forgiveness and custom of the religion.

How good friday spend it

How to create mourning environment in the home?

Do not make celebrations and pleasant activities. Do not go for a picnic and other social activities. Decorate your rooms and interior with the picture, images and wall hangings of Good Friday theme. Light the candles at three PM. Gather people and provide them Hot Cross buns. It is to make your Lord for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Use disposable items on daily basis. It is easy to buy plastic cups and plates to use. They are for time-saving for prayer. Do the dishes instead, and try to stay minimal than buying different scented tissue papers. Stay on the toilet tissues rather than buying expensive products.

Buy Picture and items of Good Friday in bulk

Try to buy in bulk, every year there are different products that sell their things in bulk offering a good deal on Good Friday. Always keep some cash on hand and buy these products. Don’t become crazy and buy the products because they are cheap, make sure they are the things that you like to use on daily basis or at least use on day to day basis.

It is a day of darkness and does not forget. It is vital to keep your devotion to your religion.

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