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Easter is the name of the event dedicated to celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is celebrated throughout Christian community with dedication and happiness. It is celebrated on Sunday, which marks the end of the Holy week and Lent, hence the name Easter Sunday. It is also the beginning of Easter season of liturgical year

According to Gospel, Jesus was resurrected on the third day after His crucifixion which was a Sunday; His death is the event which shows that people who believe in God and trust Him will rise from the dead. It is the most important event of Christian calendar as Easter Sunday represents God fulfilling His promise to mankind.

what happened on easter Sunday

what happened on easter Sunday?

Although the story of Jesus sacrifice varies on the minor level in gospels of different communities, the main detail remains the same which is that they all say the tomb of Christ was empty and that is an essential fact.

Story of Resurrection

After crucifixion Jesus Christ’s body was hastily put in tomb on Friday (which would later be known as ‘Good Friday‘, ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Holy Friday’) and covered with stone, due to haste of Passover custom there was no time for proper burial according to Jewish custom with spices and ointments. On early Sunday morning Mary Magdalene and some other women went to the tomb with proper burial ointments and spices, but on their arrival, they found the tomb open and empty. The women ran back to tell Jesus apostles, Peter and other apostles went to see for confirmation and found the cloth in which Jesus was wrapped during burial but nothing else.

what happened after the good friday agreement

Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene and His apostles for confirmation and remains on earth for next 40 days before returning to God. Before ascending to heaven, Jesus lifted up His hand and blessed his disciples and the ascended to the cloud where disciple lost his sight.

Good Friday Celebration

Easter has been regularly celebrated since earliest days of Church. The date of Easter Sunday falls between March 22nd and April 25th. In Roman Catholic Church Easter falls on first Sunday after the First full moon, which comes after the spring equinox.

Catholics mostly attend midnight Easter Vigil, even though it is lengthy service because many kinds of sacraments is performed like baptisms and Rite of Christian initiations during the Mass. The service that happens in daylight is more attended because they are shorter.

what happened after the good friday agreement

Family activities of Easter Sunday vary from region to region. In U.S.A and U.K hunt for Easter Eggs which are brightly decorated and coloured, they are in some cases hard boiled, and in some cases, plastic, filled with candies, money or toys. Children often break their Lenten fast with candy. Eggs are a symbol of new life and Jesus began His new life on Easter Sunday, and the cracking of egg symbolises His empty tomb. Adults share greeting cards, bouquets of flower and some may gather for family meals. Easter Holiday main focus is on Family and Children. Traditionally on Family feast lamb roast is an essential food.

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