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Good Friday Messages Wishes, Quotes with Images for friends and love

Good Friday in between the dates March 20th-April 23rd on Friday before Easter is observed by Christians throughout the World. Good Friday 2017 falls on April 14th. Good Friday commemorates Jesus Christ sacrifice for Mankind’s sins. Jesus was crucified after being betrayed by Judas and High Priest who was already looking for a way to get rid of Christ, found a way to falsely accuse Him of claiming to be King of Jews. Jesus was than beaten and nailed to a cross, where He was left to die. Some believe that the reason behind it being called Good Friday is because the terrible act of crucifixion leads to His resurrection on Holy day of Easter.

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Good Friday Messages Wishes

Pray 2 the Holy Shepherd Kiss his tender feet That he lead u ever And hear your bleat… Wish u a sacred Friday!

The Friday before Easter is the most solemn day for Christians – it is the day Jesus Christ died on the cross. Good Friday to all of you.

His life still gives us hope, May u live in his unchanging love. May Jesus who was born in a manger be born again in ur Heart. Good Friday!

I know Jesus is with you… But I’ll also be there for you… Whenever you need me… Have a blessed Good Friday!

good friday message to my love

Praying that the Lord fills your Heart with Peace Holds you in His Love and Blesses oyu with His Grace.

Jesus was God’s perfect sinless substitute who bore the punishment on behalf of the sinful human race. May we should never forget his sacrifice and should always work for GOOD! Lets commence Good Friday! Good Friday

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He showed us the way He has long been gone And yet in our hearts His name shines on. Wish u a Holy Friday!

GOOD FRIDAY in my heart! Fear & affright! My thoughts are the Disciples when they fled, My words the words that priest & soldier said My deed the spear to desecrate the dead.

May the Light Of Jumma, Shine In your House. the Strength of Eemaan, Stay in your Heart. & May Allah Shower His Countless Blessings On you & your Family on this Holy Day.

May da blesssings of da Lord shine upon u on dis Holy Day & may he always keep ou in his luving care! HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY!!

May the glory of our Savior Strengthen you and May His Graces Shine Upon You On Good Friday and Always !

On this Holy day… May His light guide your path… May his love grace your heart… And may His scarifice strengthen Your Soul ! GOOD FRIDAY

Good Friday SMS Wishes with Images

The logic behind name ‘Good Friday’ believed by some is that The ‘Good’ in Good Friday comes from Old English when Good meant Holy. So you could call Good Friday, ‘Holy Friday. It is also known as Black Friday throughout the Christian community this day is observed with respect and humility. Every country has there on culture and traditions that the follow dedicatedly. Processions are held all around the world on streets some carry a cross around and recite from the Gospel. Catholics fast on this day while abstaining from meat. Some churches recreate a funeral dedicated to Jesus, people attend wearing all black and in mourning phase.  One more important tradition on this day is exchange of Good Friday wishes messages all around. If you are looking for Best Good Friday Messages of 2017 then this is the place.

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Celebrate the love of God and the enduring sacrifice of Christ.
He offered His own life for us.

Repent and be clean.
Live a life that renewed and cleaned by the blood of Christ.
Honor Him with all your heart.

Look back and realize all things that have hurt our Savior.
He has paid for our sins so that we will not be harmed with death.

Human are vulnerable to sin but there are ways to avoid temptations.
Have a strong faith and you will definitely live a straight path to God.

Give glory to God who has offered His Son for our salvation.
Live well and be worthy of this blessing!

His cross was heavier because of our sins.
Kneel and offer Him a prayer of glory and thanks.

We can do wrong but still be sorry.
We can say sorry and choose to do wrong again or do better next time.
Weigh things out and always put Christ in your heart.

It is sad that Christ is physically not with us today.
He has died because of you and me.
Offer Him a silent prayer and feel His Holy Presence.

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If you are looking for Best Good Friday messages to send to the people you care about than this is the place for you, we have Best Good Friday Wishes of 2014, which are unique, interesting, inspirational and show your love and care for them.

Give glory to God who has offered His Son for our salvation.
Live well and be worthy of this blessing!

His cross was heavier because of our sins.
Kneel and offer Him a prayer of glory and thanks.

good friday SMS images

Da cross was 2 pieces of dead wood and a helpless unresisting Man was nailed 2 it yet it was mightier dan da world and triumphed & will.

May on this GOOD FRIDAY we start it with Fasting and Prayers so that we can bring God’s mercy and forgiveness on all mankind Lets Pray toge

I am da witness 2 his fearless death I am a token of his last promise – 4giveness I am da CROSS Blessings on Good Friday

What hard travail God does in death, He strives in sleep, in our despair, And all flesh shudders underneath, The nightmare of His sepulchre.


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